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Gearoidin Bhreathnach


From the CD Booklet " Ar Fhoscadh na gCnoc "

Gearoidin Bhreathnach, also known as Gearoidin Neidi Frainc, is one of our finest singers. All that is unique and charming in the distinct singing tradition of the Donegal Gaeltacht is inherent in every note she sings, in every song she 'says'. She is particularly noted for the true, heartfelt expression which marks her delivery of both stories and songs - and indeed, small wonder ; this rich legacy was destined to be hers by virtue of her long association with na fili gan iomra of her native Rinn na Feirste. Clann Fheilimidh, as they are referred to locally, were Gearoidin's next door neigbours as she grew up in Rinn na Feirste, and there is no doubt that they influenced her greatly in terms of music and lore. She acknowledges in particular Sean Ban, whose composition " Cumha an Fhile" adds body and soul to this collection.
Gearoidin's father and mother were also responsible in no small way for her interest and immersion in the local music and song of that North-West Gaeltacht.
Down through the years Gearoidin has cleaned up on all the major Oireachtas awards for singing; she won Corn Chonaill Ui Fhearraigh twice and has also won Corn Sheain Eoin Ui Shuilleabhain and Comortas na mBan ( the woman's sean-nos competition ). In 1996 she won the much-coveted Corn Ui Riada, and won several competitions for storytelling.




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