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Eoin Duignan


Biography (Courtesy of the Artist�s site, 2005).

With music that has been described as �gentle and generous�, �very personal but well rooted in the tradition of pipe playing� and with an �unmistakable passion�, Irish Uilleann Pipe and Low Whistle player, Eoin Duignan has been pushing the boundaries of Irish Traditional music from his home in the heart of the West-Kerry Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) region of Ireland for over 20 years.

Influenced from an early age by master pipers Seamus Ennis and Leo Rowesome, much of Eoin�s inspiration has come from the rich traditions of Irish history and folklore as well as his own life and experiences. Over the years he has developed a distinctive musical style, original in a traditional mode which ranges from haunting slow airs to lively percussive reels and jigs, and they have enchanted audiences world-wide, from the USA, across Europe and as far east as China and Taiwan.

To date Eoin Duignan has produced three successful and critically acclaimed albums. His first Coum�neol was released in 1994 and was described by Hot Press, Ireland�s leading music magazine as a �highly listenable collection . . . that should appeal to everyone who appreciates high quality, refined and delicate music�.����../

Launched in 1999, his second CD Ancient Rite brings together a collection of original compositions for Uilleann Pipes and Low Whistles, which takes the listener on a captivating musical journey, through a misty, late night drive on the road from Vienna (�Budapest�), into the mid-tones of memory and feeling (�Ancient Rite�) or catching the mood of the present moment into a sunburst of delight (�Angela�s Farewell�/ �Carefree�). Other tracks to note include �T�imse agus M�ire�, written by Eoin�s grandfather and sung beautifully by his mother and sister, and �Sean � Duibhir�, a haunting air long beloved of S�an � Riada. Joined by good friends Steve Cooney, Philip King, M�ire Breathnach and Robbie Overson, the playing is tightly focused, excellently produced and captures moments of real magic as the music takes hold. Writing for the Irish Times, music critic Mic Moroney described Ancient Rite as �a disc of mystic easy listening from the Kerry Kingdom�.

His latest CD Lumina , is a six part suite for low whistles tracing the journey of the spirit from birth to death and rebirth, inspired by the harry Clarke stained glass windows in D�seart chapel Dingle has recieved rave reviews including a ten out of ten in the Hot Press Music Magaxine.

Eoin�s other credits have included producing music for various documentaries and Television series on RTE, the BBC, Welsh channel S4C and on American television.

With his own solo work continuing, with several recording and touring projectsin the pipe line on his own and as part of a duo, Eoin Duignan looks forward to bringing his individual music from the very heart of the ancient Irish traditions to a thriving and ever changing modern audience.




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