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Duncan Dyker


From the CD Booklet " Collectors Items "

Duncan Dyker, originally from Huntly, grew up in the Scottish music tradition. He studied both pipes and fiddle, his fiddle tutors including the late Bill Hardie. Moving to Inverness in 1981, he continued both as a group player and as a soloist, being several times National Mod solo champion and also touring abroad with country dancers. Leader of the Inverness Fiddlers, member of BIRL, instructor, adjudicator, and fiddle maker, he is also a Principal Teacher of Computing.

Any new CD of traditional music, traditionally played, comes as a breath of fresh air in to-day's atmosphere of noise, speed and experiment. No matter how important it is for music to have a present and a future, the roots and essential character of Scotland's national tradition remain firmly established in the past. There, the music that made it great and a matter of national pride was composed, collected and preserved for future generations and from there the styles and techniques for playing it were taught and passed on in an unbroken line, the Gows in Athole, Marshall on Speyside, Milne, Skinner, McAndrew and so on to the present day.

Perhaps it's worth noting here that music from the 18th century blends comfortably with Skinner's compositions of the latter half of the 19th; pipe music sits easily with old Gaelic airs; the very old and the nearly new making the Scottish tradition what it really is, a bubbling cauldron of creative energy, with the fiddle, the pipes and whatever else comes along to stir the mix. The way to play it must never be lost.

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