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Christine Primrose


Brief Biog.:

Christine Primrose, who won a well deserved award for 'Gaelic Singer of the Year' at the Scots Traditional Music Awards in November 2009, released the song 'Mo Cheist Am Fear Ban' (my darling is the fair one).

Christine is a great singer, and a trailblazer, who has been singing traditional Gaelic song all her life, and who has played a pivotal role in a revival of interest in the music that has swept far beyond Scotland. With a voice that is clear, pure and dignified, she has forged a path that many singers have followed, delivering all the emotions of the songs through two very simple things; the voice and the word. She has rightly become a highly regarded and sought after tutor & artist, who has been vital in introducing the music to a wider non-Gaelic speaking audience.

Christine has also toured extensively in Northern America and Canada, Australia and Europe, conducting workshops, giving concerts and recitals. She also took part in the prestigious Smithsonian Folklife Music Festival in Washington USA, as part of 'Scotland at the Smithsonian', along with the renowned harp-player Alison Kinnaird.

Christine is currently teaching Gaelic song at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, the Gaelic College on the Isle of Skye, and frequently gives Gaelic song presentations at the various conferences and events which are held at the college.

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