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Charlie Cowie


From the CD Booklet " Unsquare Dance "

What makes Charlie Cowie Scotland's most musical fiddler ? Two things, a natural gift of swing and harmony complimented with the ' auld heid ' of experience. From the young lad who played nervously in the Glasgow Caledonian Strathspey and Reel Society in the 1950s to the front man of the 'Ron Silver Trio ' playing ' The Spey in Spate ' live on the White Heather Club. From theatre and club tours with the ' Cluny Boys' to the long running Gaelic series Se Ur Beatha with the ' Albanachs '.

This was all good experience but no musical education would be complete without appearances in the hot and steamy dance halls of the North. You name it Charlie has played there, Plockton, Campbeltown, Aultbea, Portree, Inverurie etc,etc,. appearing with Bobby MacLeod, Andrew Rankin, Will Starr and others too many to mention.

Charlie has always been quick to appreciate new ideas, styles and tunes. He was the first to create a Scottish version of the classic Sean McGuire "Mason's Apron " in the 60s.
In this album he has done it again, collected together a selection of his favourite Scots,Irish,Canadian and American tunes and given them the " Cowie treatment " with the help of a few friends.
The result is a breath of warm fresh musical air ( the Canadians would call it Chinook ) - I know you'll like it.

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