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Anna Wendy Stevenson


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Anna-Wendy's distinctive sound is a product of classical expertise and traditional passion. These two strengths have opened many doors to Anna-Wendy both as an orchestral player and as an internationally traveled ‘fiddler'

Her early family surroundings were exceptionally musical, imbuing Anna-Wendy with a broad perspective and love of the arts. She is the third generation in a line of composer/performer, from her grandfather Ronald Stevenson through Savourna Stevenson to Anna-Wendy herself.

After winning a scholarship to lead an orchestra in Texas for a year, Anna-Wendy returned to her native Edinburgh to pursue her love for Scottish fiddling. Quickly snapped up by bands Anam and Calluna, Anna-Wendy toured the US, Japan and Europe's major festivals. She went onto form trio Fine Friday with whom she enjoyed great success: BBC ‘up and coming' nominees, many tours including Australia's major festivals and extensive work with Yehudi Menuin's “Live Music Now' scheme. In January 2006 she joined the legendary group Jock Tamson's Bairns – an invitation she couldn't refuse.

With her grandfather Ronald Stevenson, Anna-Wendy has recorded a duo album “Gowd and Silver” which is a remarkable work between grandfather and granddaughter. Together they perform the music Anna-Wendy was brought up with - Ronald's settings of traditional Scots songs, gaelic melodies and a selection of his own compositions. The album “exudes artistry affection and soul”-Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman. The duo give select concerts throughout the year as part of music and arts festivals and always leave the audience moved. “Special is the only word to describe the concerts they give” – Sue Wilson, the Scotsman.

Following in her composer grandfather's footsteps, in 2006 Anna-Wendy was commissioned by Celtic Connections festival to write a 50 minute piece for strings, percussion piano and sax. Described as a series of musical postcards on Edinburgh, this piece was “a resounding success in its expansive compass and artful arrangements” (the Herald) and has been performed subsequently as the opening concert for the Ceilidh Culture Festival in the Queens Hall in Edinburgh.

Reviews of Anna-Wendy's solo album:
Irish Music magazine described her solo album as “an extraordinarily beautiful recording”
Living Tradition: “exceptionally musical”
Box and Fiddle: “Every now and then there is an album that stands out – this is one of them”

Anna-Wendy is in demand as a session musician collaborating with with world famous singer Dougie McLean, Mike Scott of the Waterboys and performing several concerts of new works at Celtic Connections including Savourna Stevenson, Fred Morrison, Simon Thoumire and James Ross. She is currently working on a new project - the Birnam Quartet involving Angus Grant and Luke Plumb from Shooglenifty and pianist Jamie Jauncey. She has also toured with gaelic singers Julie Fowlis and Anna Murray, and with John Rae's Celtic Feet.

Anna-Wendy is a lecturer in traditional music (HNC and NC diplomas at the Lews Castle college in Benbecula, Outer Hebrides. With diplomas in teaching and performance from the London College of music, she has taught at the Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina and Ohio School of the arts in the USA and for most of Scotland's educational organizations (ALP, GFW, Lochgoil Fiddle Workshop, Feisean and Ceolas).

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