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Angelina Carberry


Biography (Courtesy of The TradCentre, 2005).

Angelina Carberry

Born in Manchester in the late 70’s into a County Longford family steeped in Traditional Music for Generations. It was not long before Angelina’s interest and keen ear for the music quickly developed.
Starting on the tin whistle she soon moved to the Banjo following in the footsteps of her father Peter and her Grand father Kevin. Angelina has since developed a highly personal style with an electric rhytmn that captivates anyone who is lucky to hear.__In 1998 Angelina moved to Galway and quickly established herself on the local music scene. Soon after she recorded a duet album with her father Peter on Accordion and accompanied by much sought after accompianist John Blake on Piano and Guitar. The CD received critical acclaim from leading newspapers and music journalists.
Angelina’s unmistakeable sound is at times dark and earthy, coupled with a weighted deeply grounded rhythm, the momentum, measured, unstoppable. Yet it is light-handed, deft, and deadly accurate, twinkling and sparkling, as on ‘The Starry Lane to Monaghan’, (‘Memories from the Holla’). Of this album (with her father, Peter Carberry), Mairtin O Connor said:"Simply a treasure to the ear and food for the soul"
Her style echoes uncannily that of her Grandfather Kevin, fifty years ago when he played for ceildhes and house dances with his brother Peter on pipes, around Keenagh, Co. Longford. Born after Kevin’s death, it was through her father Peter (Accordion/Banjo) that she imbibed this magic at their family home in Manchester during the nineties. On her return to Ireland, she was recognised as a descendant of Kevin’s by the older folk of Keenagh, sheerly because of the distinctive qualities of her playing.
An album with her husband Martin Quinn (Accordion) was acclaimed by musicians throughout Ireland and received top ratings by reviewers. It is regularly played on radio in Ireland and abroad. Among fans of their playing, the great melodeon player Johnny Connolly said: “If it gives other listeners half the pleasure it has given me then no music lover should be without a copy”.
Angelina’s new album promises to reveal a lot more of her musicianship, which is erudite in the ways of the Tradition but lives very much in the present, a present that will outlive the transient and fickle tastes that sometimes pervade.
Music for the serious and light-hearted alike, but certainly not for the fainthearted!!




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