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Andrew Murray


Biography (Courtesy of the Artist�s site, 2005)

I was born and reared on the magical island of Inishbofin, off the west coast of Ireland.
My first tentative steps towards a singing career began nearly 20 years ago by the flickering light of a candle,
one night when the lights went out, in the bar of our family hotel, The Doonmore Hotel. Doonmore Hotel
In those days,and still today, music and song were part and parcel of everyday (or night) life. Singing and music sessions are a regular feature of life and many of the country's finest musicians holiday there. _I grew up listening to and enjoying these visiting musicians as well as the many local musicians and singers _(young and old) involved in such sessions and it is to them that I owe my love of music and singing._When, in my late teens, I finally began to sing in public, I knew it was something I wanted to keep doing._A few years later I was asked to join the great Galway based group, De Dannan, as a result of a chance meeting in Inishbofin with Alec Finn, and my own 'Magical Mystery Tour' began in earnest..
With them I travelled around the world, from Beijing to Seattle and a lot of Europe in between. It was a great time and great experience._Since I left De Dannan, I have worked with many other fine musicians; Donal Lunny, Gary O' Briain, Maurice Lennon, Mary Staunton, Sean Tyrrell, The David Munnelly Band, Conor Byrne & Meabh O' Hare and many more. _Indeed my first recording, done just before I officially joined De Dannan, was with the wonderful Mary Staunton on her CD ' Bright Early Mornings'. I have performed with Donal Lunny whom I met first in Inishbofin also. _Mary Staunton, Gary O' Briain, Maurice Lennon and I got together for a few great gigs and indeed hope to do so again. _I had a wonderful time in the company of Conor Byrne, Meabh O' Hare and Gavin Ralston during a two week Irish Music Network tour of Ireland. Out of that came my second trip to China, this time to Shanghai, for the Shanghai International Arts Festival. We have done other nice gigs since that, most notably in the Botanic Gardens in Budapest last year._Of late I have been singing with The David Munnelly Band and have toured quite extensively in Europe. I recorded songs for both of Dave's albums and always enjoy the craic and the superb music of that band. _With this album, another chapter has begun.The Magical Mystery Tour continues!

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